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Great deals for Dads.


The book every father needs to have. “DAD” provides fathers with practical wisdom on how to be a great dad and live with authentic masculinity. Filled with cutting edge relevance and real life experiences, it will equip you to overcome modern day challenges men and fathers face.


Becoming a father is a beautiful, awe inspiring experience, but it’s also challenging, uncharted territory for most men. This practical, humorous and inspiring guide will take you through your partner’s pregnancy, the birth of your child and the early days of being a father.

The Dad Online Course

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A digital course which gives you the tools and principles you need to be a great father. Filled with inspiring video clips, rich material, and practical exercises, it will equip you for your greatest mission – raising your children.

The Dad Blog

  • The Father’s Embrace

    The two greatest gifts a child can receive are a mother’s nurture and a father’s embrace. The father is a boy’s first hero and a girl’s first love and the father who sees this and responds with his embrace gives his child a gift of incalculable......

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  • Divorce Part 2: Rules of Engagement.

    Hands down my greatest challenge as a divorced dad was remaining a deeply engaged father in my children’s lives with a co parent who was no longer my partner, whose feelings towards me were less than hospitable and whose ideas about parenting came from a......

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  • Divorce and children

    Divorce and children

    Telling my  children that their mom and I were getting divorced was probably the hardest conversation I have ever had. My son Luke was 11 at the time and my daughter Blythe 8. My heart broke as I looked into their sad, shocked eyes.  It......

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